B2B Fusion / Virtuoso 365

Our secure EDI solution which facilitates electronic data exchange between Chemfreight and its clients

Product development
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  • Having assessed the B2B offerings on the market in 2002, the Chemfreight Group established an in-house software business appropriately named B2B fusion in 2003. The objective of B2B fusion was to develop a secure EDI solution that facilitated electronic data exchange between Chemfreight and its clients.
  • B2B fusion set about engineering an EDI solution that would enable the Chemfreight warehouse and transport system to interact directly and accurately with the various inventory and order software used by the Chemfreight client base.
Product summary

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  • Virtuoso365 has been consistently developed and upgraded to ensure it continues to meet the requirements of both Chemfreight and its client base
  • Virtuoso365 is a powerful multipurpose middleware application to transfer information from B2B with both server and client components
  • Virtuoso365 enables the efficient and accurate exchange of electronic documents between business partners
Product summary

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  • Virtusoso365 operates from the customer server and manages the exchange of data between the customer and Chemfreight
  • Virtuoso365 is then configured to uplift, transmit and receive data files between Chemfreight and its customers avoiding duplication and reducing manual keying
Benefits of Virtuoso365

  • Efficient automated order process to reduce time and cost
  • No manual re-keying of data
  • Timely reporting of information
Interface technology and methods

  • Transmission of documents via the internet over secure HTTP
  • The document payloads follow international xml standards and transformers are available for CSV and fixed length files
  • Capability to accommodate any type of payload through adaptors
Web portal

  • Virtuoso365 has a secure web-based interface that provides 24/7 access to client order management (orders, ASN, acknowledgements) information
  • Experience virtuoso365 at www.b2bfusion.co.nz