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healty & safety compliance made simple

MHF Approved Facilities

Our Auckland and Christchurch facilities are designated Major Hazard Facilities.

Hazardous Substances

Best practices ensure we comply with Hazardous Substance regulations.

Health & Safety

Responsibility for H&S is with everyone who works, visits or has business on site.

See it for yourself

All our facilities are state of the art and we invite you to take a tour of any of our four locations.

getting started with us

Safety and compliance are at the heart of our business. We take extra care to ensure all clients’ and their customers’ needs are understood to keep your business, our business and our communities operating safely. If you are considering getting started with us, here’s what you can expect:


Let us know your product details, volume and any specific requirements. 


We will review your needs alongside our capacity and compliance requirements.


We will provide pricing and our service level agreements.


Open your account and populate your product information.


Start sending us your inbound notifications. 


We will pick, pack and send your goods to your customers. 

Ask us about our EDI solutions to automate your inbound and outbound orders direct from your system. 

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Nigel Hitch

Customer Services

Customer Services

Sue Yaxley

Christchurch Branch Manager

Christchurch Branch Manager

Glenn Oldfield-Connor



Pieter Van Niekerk



Gary Kirkland-Smith

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Accounts Receivable
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Phone: (+649) 272 5527

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